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The first global fit-any-frame hive - An innovation!


Hello everyone

Imagine marriage of Langstroth, Top bar and wild branches hives in the first global fit-any-frame hive like (1) Honeyflow, (2) Langstroth, (3) Top bar or (4) Wild tree branch frames?

It is very hard to find supply of hives in Indonesia, so my husband
is giving me a nice birthday gift which is “Smart Hive Mahogany Factory” in Purwosari near Malang, Bali, Indonesia to produce each hive in mahogany wood
with anti-ants heals. So I am the first customer too, smile!

Here is under the hood look
the blue is the space inside the hive

In few weeks I will show you a picture of the wild branch fitted in my new hive. Enjoy