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The good and the bad and what’s wrong with cross combing


You were spot on. I hope you bought a lottery ticket this week!! :smile:

Thanks to @Brick for updating his profile too. It makes it much easier to give relevant advice. :blush:


Remember when you clean up the frames they need to fit shoulder to shoulder with still enough room for the bees to work on the frames. The ‘shoulder’ being the tops of the timber uprights of the frame.
Thanks for updating your profile, it is a help in getting the right sort of advise.


Thinking about it more I realise the hard part will be being sure the queen is in the bottom box…not sure how you’ll achieve that :thinking:

When you did get one frame out: did you find that the problem was mostly honey at the top of the frame and the bottom half was thinner with brood on it? Or did you find actual cross combing where combs span accross the frames melding them together?

Cross Combing ? Newbie here!