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Thrown overboard, aka Robbing bee?

Hi I am getting back with a new question… are the robbers just female workers or also drones can rob hives? Raising this question as this week I have seen bee guards attacking a drone which got on the landing board and which had been ferociously attacked and thrown overboard…

Most likely it was a drifter drone that was not accepted by colony. Collection of honey including raiding is worker bee’s job.

Deliberate robbing is done by female foragers. Drones are usually accepted from other hives, unless there is a nectar dearth, active robbing, or it is the end of the season when drones are normally ejected from the hive anyway. :blush:

Thanks Dawn, this is making me think there’s a dearth of pollen, I haven’t seen the bees carrying much pollen back to the hive in the last days. On top of that I have seen someone mentioning he’s facing a dearth of pollen and he’s in the same area (western australia)… May be the time to add some sugar syrup?? Any suggestion?

Pollen and nectar are two different things. Bees generally don’t get grumpy over a dearth of pollen, at least in my experience. However a dearth of nectar is a whole different ball game. Plus, drones don’t take much pollen as adults, they want honey.

I would inspect your hive inside for honey stores, and ask your local beekeepers about how the nectar flow is right now. If the stores are low and the local beekeepers say the flow is poor, then i would feed.

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