My debris tray is full of Bees (mostly drones)

I’m new to the bee world, everything with my flow have have been great. I notice today my debris tray was full of drone bee today? Should I be worried? Thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting! And welcome to the forum :blush:

My first question is how are they getting in there? Is there a hole in the wire mesh big enough for them to get in (highly unlikely for a drone)? Have they chewed through a hole in the timber near the entrance and they’re crawling through?

Have the workers kicked them out of the hive (typical for winter and pre-winter) and they’ve found refuge under the hive to keep warm and feed off the dropping pollen? :thinking:

Do you know if your hive is queen right?

It looks like there coming around from the entrance to the debris tray so it looks like no hole…I clean out the tray weekly. There was a queen the last time I inspected in may. I have alot of honey production going on now. I never noticed the drones before…I was wondering if there was a hatching of drones going on too.

Its looks like there eating the debris.

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Ah, you’re north of the hemisphere so it’s a normal time to see lots of drones this time of year for you. I suspect these guys are actually drifters from another colony (as drones do), attracted to the scent of the hive through the wrong entrance probably.

Nothing really to be concerned about :+1:

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Thank you so much for your help, I will keep a eye on them. Is there a point I should be concerned with the drones?

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