Time For The Flows or Wait?

Did another weekly inspection today and I’m think I’m pretty close to needing to put the honey super on. The upper med box is so full I could hardly lift it and if it weren’t for the few plastic frames in the deep bottom box I think it would be that way. Should I switch and put that full med on bottom? Should I add a honey super? And, what about the 2 or 3 small queen cells that were open with nothing inside, they are so small are they queen cells? Does it mean anything special that 2 frames had several drone cells grouped together on the bottom of the frames? Please and Thank You,


Hi Chet, well done, your bees are doing fantastic. I have one thing for you to practice next time. See if you can, once you have one side of the frame in one hand, try to lift the other side up with the hive tool, then rest the corner on another frame or hive body, put your hive tool down & grab it with your other hand. That’s kind of what I do. Except I use a Perfect Pocket Hive Tool (PPHT), so I don’t have to put it down. Good luck with everything, bye for now.

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Looks like that went a bit better @Chet_Calhoun
After you found eggs in the bottom box, what else were you looking for? You could probably stop there next time and lower the risk of inadvertently squishing the queen.
We are getting close to the Summer dearth here in Georgia. I’d think twice about adding Flow frames. I don’t think there’s enough time left in the nectar flow.

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I think you are right about stopping after finding eggs and will definitely remember that one. Thinking about the comment on the summer dearth and I take that to mean that I should not plan on harvesting any honey till next year, is that what you think is best and if so, should I add another medium? Thanks