Timing for OAV treatment when capped queen present

When would be the correct time to do an OAV mite treatment in a queen-less hive where there’s a capped emergency queen that is likely to emerge within a few days, likely about May 21st?

Would that treatment be done prior to her emerging or is it best to wait until after she has emerged, mated, and is laying eggs?

If the latter, that would delay treatment until after June 11th. This nuc was installed April 29th and has never had a mite treatment.

Wait. If it is truly queenless, it will have a brood break, which is a kind of anti-mite treatment itself. Let the new queen get established and laying a nice brood pattern before you even think about treating. Just my opinion. :wink:

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Definitely a roaring queenless hive. I always respect your opinion, so I’ll wait. Thank you, AGAIN :slight_smile: