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To shake or not to shake

when checking brood box frames should you shake off the bees for closer inspection or does this endanger the queen if you cant see her

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Not really necessary for a routine inspection but should be done when doing thorough checks for diseases like AFB, we’re required to do it four times a year in Australia. You can also brush them off.


Fellow Scotsman :+1:.

As @Stevo says you will need to do this from time to time so trick is to shake into the box rather than onto the frames incase the Queen is on the frame and you can’t see her.

Bees have robust frames you’ve more danger of squashing any that drop onto the ground.

You’ll also have to shake bees off brood frames to do Mite checks when you use sugar roll method or alcohol wash :+1:.

Check for queen, shake if you can’t see her.

Trick is calm, fast downward motion of frame with a sharp sudden change of direction. Newton’s law of motion will take care of the rest.

Mum says if you shake it more than 3 times you’re playing with it…