Too late to start new flow hive?

Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase a flow hive 2, cedar 7 frame, but it won’t be where I am from till about May, is that too late to start a new hive? I don’t want to cause any damage to any bees if it’s too late and just want to make sure that I am doing things right.

May is great.

Your seasons in western OR are probably a little different than here in OH so check with someone local about when the main nectar flows are going. Also check to see how big of a brood area people in your microclimate use - you can always get a regular langstroth box to add to the boxes that come with your FH2 but maybe you want to check before you place your order, if you haven’t already.

I recommend you order your bees - a deep frame nuc or package - now, unless you’re going to try for a swarm or get a split from someone you know.


I think a good option would be to start the bees early in the season in a traditional 10 frame brood box. By the time your flow hive arrives, your colony should be ready for the flow super, baring in mind that you still need to oil or paint the flow super & brood box. If that takes a little longer than expected, you might need to acquire a traditional honey super as well. These bits of extra beekeeping gear never go astray, therefore there’s nothing wrong with grabbing them at the start. You’ll gain a wealth of experience in the meantime.