Getting started

Like many I have developed an interest in bees, so I went online and saw the flow hive. That really helped cement my decision. However I am being told that the hives won’t be available in the States until March 2016. Besides reading and getting informed. What can I do between now and march to get started ?
Is it possible to start a hive and add the flow unit onto it …or should I just wait to get started with the he flow hive. .?

Well, if you are in the U.S. then you are coming into winter. Not the best time to be starting bees. Do some reading up, join a beekeeping club in your area that way you’ll be better prepared come spring. There is lots of information on this forum to get you going. The Flow hive is a standard 8 frame langstroth hive, no reason why you can’t get your bees going in an 8 frame and then place the Flow hive on top.

Thank you for the info, I will follow your advice

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The Basic Beekeeping Category in this forum has some good starting points, but don’t be afraid to ask questions, we’re here to help no matter what… cheers

Welcome to the forum bcsjm. I’m in Australia and am just getting into beekeeping. I’ve started a thread called Newbie’s New Bees where I write about my experiences as an absolute novice and get loads of seriously expert advice from the old hands. You are most welcome to join in the discussion.

One thing you might want to do is identify early on, is where and when you will source your first colony of bees. It might be worth your while to find a local source of quality bees and put in your order before the season starts in your country.

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