Tray contents identification help

I see bits of the formic pro wrapper, pollen, wax bits but the black bits? Frass? Wax moths or SHB?

The black bits are wax moth poop. :blush:

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Thanks - That’s what I thought…

I’ll make a note for the next inspection on Monday to look at the frames above that spot…

If I can’t find any larvae and just see a few poops I imagine the bees will take care of it themselves? Or should I look really hard? Are they usually buried in the comb or on the surface?

You don’t need to do anything about wax moth in a strong hive. The bees will deal with it. There is a new video on the web site all about wax moths, if you are interested. :wink:

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Link didn’t work. Went to a commercial supplies site…

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Sorry, try this one. It is a subscription service, but there is some excellent stuff in their videos.

I still have my free trial but still can’t find anything. I did the intro course but everything else says “coming soon.”

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This is the article I was thinking of:

It says I don’t have permission even though I’m logged into my account…

Ah sorry. Maybe @Freebee2 can help. I may have some kind of preview access.

The main point is to keep your hive strong. Freeze any empty frames that you want to use next year, if they have been in a hive. Melt down anything that doesn’t look diseased but is very damaged by wax moths. There is a bit more than that, but those are the golden nuggets. :blush:

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What are the brown pieces? Moltings from wax moth or hive beetle larvae?

The oval ones are Varroa destructor, and lots of them… :dizzy_face:

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No - scale not easy to tell… those are ~3-4mm across.

There’s some frass and other bits that kind of look like varroa (but aren’t) but I’m talking about the big brown pieces.

Ah, well, maybe plant pieces. You made me download your photo, by the way, just so that I could look for legs… Perhaps next time some arrows or an enlarged inset as a clue??? :crazy_face:



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Look like seed pods, or some kind of anthers. Thank you! :crazy_face:

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