Extreme rain roof

We have had a lot of rain in south Queensland today
So I made a large roof
cover to stop the rain that was going in the entrance.
The rain is now slowing down just a lite sprinkle now & the bees are starting to get out & are bringing in some pollen already.
Is this needed or am I just being to overprotective?


Just a little over-protective but the bees won’t mind, and more importantly you feel better for it.

You are missing flashing or duct tape down the center seam! :smile:

Otherwise, I agree with @Rodderick

Some areas around us had 425mm of rain in 24 hours!
It may have been over protective but I’m made me feel better.
The roof is made from coreflute & the center is only split through
One side of the plastic so it can not leek.
The bees seemed happy sitting out on the landing watching the rain lol

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I say it’s needed. In fact, thank you for the idea. I took my original flow hive roof off because it leaked ever since Day 1. Now I’ll revisit it and maybe reuse it as you have done. Although it seemed to be an excellent gateway for wasps who knew the path well - right into the hole in the middle of the top inner cover.

I hope that corflute was a resourced from a local Liberal candidate flyer. The more of them off the street, the better. Can’t afford to give the Libs any more publicity/advertising if we know what’s good for us Aussies. If they get back in, it would be a bit like Trump becoming the President of USA. OMG, what’s the world coming too :fearful: :scream: