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Turning unwired Frames


I don’t like wire in my frames; danger is, the combs can break.

Any of you NewBeeks out there wanting to go wireless, I have put together a video of how to turn the frames without breaking them.

Hope this is useful.


Thank YOU, Bookmark this to watch severaltime just before I open up my hive. It will be several more months but will remember and come back to this :smile:


I feel I am still part of your beekeeping journey Valli…seeing those frames!
Emeralds Mummy was still going strong at the end of the summer…although they may have superceeded her during the autumn…I won’t know until we open the hives in the spring. Lots of funny goings on in the hives which had the new bought in queens…superceedures…assassination attempts…drone layers…more superceedures. I don’t know what I will find in those two hives in the spring!


@Horsehillhoney Very much so I value your input always and hope I’m learning :bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee::bee:


You certainly are! You have learnt so much in a very short time…I bet you will really enjoy your course in the new year…especially as you now have hands on experience…it will all mean so much more.


How does wiring frames break the comb?
Foundation comes prewired and doesn’t break


@Dee My frames are unwired


Ah. sorry I read your post to mean you didn’t like wire in your frames because it broke the comb. Sorry


No Worries Dee…


I must confess to have had the same interpretation, I like your idea of fishing line on foundationless frames. Saves the worry of having to turn them as if they are top bar frames.


There is no Fishing Line; there is just bees wax and skill learning how to turn - Fishing line was a pain as well


OK I ringed the queen so you can spot her better at 2:05


Nice Valli, thank you for the effort. I must learn how to edit and upload videos some time… :blush:



Fishing line works for me, though I always turn frames in a similar fashion to Valli’s video wired or not wired.
Sometimes bees like to make holes in the comb which further destabilises the whole thing if there is no internal support. You have to remember that bees don’t build with the beekeeper in mind. There is no proviso for comb inspection in their lives. I also find it really useful to know you can lay the frame down flat to look at something closer or to catch the queen. You can’t do that with a warm unwired frame.
Happy New Year Jeff. Just watched the Sydney fireworks on the tele. :smile:


Hi & thank you Dee, happy new to you as well, I turned the tele off at just after 9.00 after the Sydney family fireworks. It’s not a good night for dogs, a local dog started howling well before dark. There must have been fireworks going off somewhere nearby, either that or the people locked him/her up to go out & party.

I’ll have to pay more attention to how I move my frames. One of the tricks is to not do any sudden jerks, gently remove the frames & not breathe over the bees while looking at them closely. I used to think it was my bad breath but apparently the carbon dioxide we breathe out triggers a bit of aggression.

Don’t party too hard:) cheers


Or roosting birds
Or pets
Or livestock

Here in the UK in the towns we have Diwali in November, Guy Fawkes night then fireworks crack away till well after New Year. Rubbish really. Have a communal organised explosion then leave it at that…my opinion only.

In the countryside nobody bothers