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UK: Brighton to seek alternative to glyphosate


That will help the bees no end


I was taken in by the glyphosate bandwagon and Monsanto’s “safe for frogs” , until I sprayed out a large patch of Kikuyu which continued to invade everywhere. It got rid of the Kike no problem but the frogs have gone. Our little laughing frogs which we’d had for over 25 years, are no longer there to talk with us. I kid you not, you could have a conversation with them… well they would answer you laughing frog talk if you spoke to them.
So I don’t use Roundup any more, to save the bees and hope one day the frogs will return.

Its a bugger of a problem because the broadacre farmers will continue to use glyphosate until it is banned, if it ever is that is.


I know a person how used to sell this stuff here and around the world - Died young of Cancer - What doe that tell you?