The UK government just okayed a plan to plant bee-killing seeds across the country

Please Help please sign the petition!!! SAVE OUR BEES!!!

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How does a 3.5% reduction in crop equate to “impossible to grow”… That is a sizable loss but nothing that would lead a layman such as myself to understand a label such as impossible being thrown about.

Thanks Valli, I have signed the partition. Unbelievable!

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There is a solution, Beekeepers boycott pollinating crops where these types of pesticides/fungicides are used. There is a high risk they will lose their bees if they persist, so why take the risk. Move the hives into honey production away from large agricultural areas where these chemicals are used. Request certification from the farmers that there crops are pesticide free or a commitment that pesticides/fungicides only be used after the pollination and the bees have been removed from the farm. Beekeepers need a strong body to represent them in the industry.


Same here Timbo, I’ve signed.

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“You’re not going to save the world by owning one bee hive, but it’s just important to think about bees, and think about what you’re spraying and what you’re planting and those things will make a massive difference.” David Jay

I’ve signed it. It is amazing how the use of these chemicals can be permitted, when the effects can be so devastating for our bees and the planet.

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I’ve signed it. It is amazing how the use of these chemicals can be permitted, when the effects can be so devastating for our bees and the planet.

Yes, but it’s been this way since DDT came out and they almost wiped out all the raptors on the planet… along with the bees…


and didn’t we dodge a bullet there @Michael_Bush. Sacrificing part of our crop is a small price to pay. I know its a lot more complicated but lets not repeat history if we can help it.

The press reports arnt strictly true. The UK Government has not lifted the ban on Neonics. It has given permission…within the EU agreements…for the use of coated seeds in vulnerable parts of the UK…this is a very small percentage…acreage wise. Although I would prefer none to be used…

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When our ancestors in the 1700’s felt uncomfortable with the actions of outsiders and chose individually to buy an extra musket, to buy a cask of power instead of just a 1/2 pound sack, and to buy a bullet mold instead of just a sack of 25 bullets…well that couldn’t amount to much could it? NOTE: Yes, one person with a just cause and a strong heart can change the world when standing with others of a like mind.

Some of the videos are saying beekeepers are “solitary” or implying they are less educated and don’t know how to stand up for themselves.

…and that the farmers allowing the GMO and Pesticides are no better.

I think it is disgraceful that the companies selling the GMO’s and Pesticides are manipulating the governments and blackmailing farmers, harassing them and bullying people to use the wonderful products.

If the products were so good why are they putting strangle holds on everyone to use these seeds and products. Trouble is they know they are Selling/Pushing seeds and products that are dangerous not just to the ecology but to us as well.

The sooner people group together and take out these “Drug Pushers”; they are no less than that, the better. In fact they are worse than drug pushers they have a strangle hold on the US government and countries and farmers are being held to ransom; to get any compensation they have to sign gagging orders.

DDT - let’s chat about that for a second.
A deeply flawed report stated that it placed birds in danger. A deeply flawed report stated that people might get cancer from it. What people ignored is that DDT eradicated Malaria in the US. Brilliant for the first world.
The third world, however, was not so lucky. People continued to be infected with, and die from, Malaria - by the millions. Half the world’s population was still at risk from Malaria, but what did a few billion people matter compared to the dubious saving of some bird or dubious prevention of maybe cancer? It’s an ugly, recurring disease, so even if you do not die, it debilitates you several times over during your lifetime.
Compare all this to what happened in East Germany, where DDT continued to be used through the Cold War - not a single direct case of cancer through DDT was reported. Of course, we all know that the Eastern bloc could have hidden any problems - but still.
Happily the ban on DDT has been lifted, it is being used to fight malaria again - still no cancer, and the birds - which land on treated sites like roofs - are doing fine. Years later, all still doing fine.
Yay for my home country for spraying DDT.
DDT rocks.