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Under superring?

Hi :wave:
Very new to bee keeping we started this year and are still learning on the go no matter how much you read it’s always a different scenario when you’re in that particular situation ,
My beautiful little bees have filled out the brood box and drawn their own comb so we put the super on top with flow frames and empty frames, we’ve left them for a while and I’ve taken the inspection window off to find they’re drawing the comb upwards from the bottom of the frame ,
Although there isnt much I was just wondering whether I could fix it by putting the super under the brood and if anyone could help in what order I would assemble this for example;
Entrance , super, queen excluder, brood box, the board with the hole (sorry my minds gone blank on that one), then the roof ? Would that be right ?
Any help would be great Thankyou


Under supering is known as ‘Nadiring’.

If you go entrance > super > QE > brood box any drones trying to leave will get stuck in the excluder and probably die and block it up so I wouldn’t do it. Bees also store honey above their brood so they will be unlikely to build down.

Is this a Hybrid Flow super with both timber and Flow frames combined?

Hello , thanks for the fast response , yes it’s a flow hybrid any idea on how to get them to draw natural comb from the top down so I don’t have a bee massacre on my hands

Are they building the comb within the bounds of the frame? Just up instead of down?

I don’t use Flow and have never tried foundationless, but one solution could be to remove the comb they have built before it becomes unmanageable and reattach it to the frame the correct way up with bamboo skewers to support it or rubber bands etc.

Did you have any kind of starter strip in the top of the frame in lieu of foundation sheets?

Yeah we’ve got the little wooden starter strip they’ve just decided to start from the bottom to defy gravity really, I’ve taken it all off so hopefully they start again seems to just be that one frame they’re doing it in though , ahh well , thanks for your help