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Upper Class Bees with seasonal accommodations. :)


Will look. Bedtime now :slight_smile:


Here it is. Perhaps when you’ve digested it you could give us your take on it

Lots of beekeepers here regard that as tosh. They are proud of their bees that winter in a small box made of thin wood. Who am I to argue? I’m sold on poly. I keep both but insulate the wooden boxes


Yeah, similar reasons for why I have gone plastic.

Thanks for posting the link, but it’s a little too :money_with_wings: for my blood at the moment! I’ll let the topic get back on track too :smiley:


What a lovely looking hive. Nice combination of timbers. :sun_with_face:


I like your colorbond roof too. Nice touch.


Very upper class! I love the look of these bee hives! They would look beautiful in any garden.


Thanks for the link. I hadn’t been back to this post in a very long time. I do believe bees know best. They always find the wall of a house or a big ole’ tree and seems like they want a nice warm space if they can get it. It’s winter here now and you can watch the humidity roll out of the hive at night. It’s pretty neat considering it’s 3C outside. I need a thermo so I can get a reading on the inside.