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Already preparing for next Spring. Building hive bodies


Well, I’ve gone full beekeeper and started thinking 6 months ahead. A few mornings of making short work like this and we’ll be all set.
This was SO much more fun than ordering hive bodies online :wink:



That’s a special video young man … Great job. I need to make some 5 frame Nuc Boxes. If plans GO Okay … I’d like to try n winter over 3 or 4 each winter !! Just a dream … I have one to try it on this winters.

Thankz for sharing,


I have real workshop envy!


It is so satisfying making them, when you get to put the finished pieces together, complete, too.


“I have real workshop envy!”

you obviously didn’t see me crawling around on the floor in my hallway building my hot wax deep fryer yesterday… space is at a premium…

very nice work @Bobby_Thanepohn Rebates will be completely fine- but you could have done box joints with that dado blade you used for the handholds. Here’s a video if you want to get fancy and try it out next time:


Me too @Dee. It’s fortunate that my best friend keeps bees and has a wood shop in his basement too. Last Spring when I told him I’d ordered a Flow Hive he replied, “Really!? I just started beekeeping too!” so we’ve been helping each other out ever since. Funny how we started completely independent of each other.
Exactly a year ago he gave me the books First lessons in Beekeeping and “Beekeeping for Dummies”.


Thanks for sharing that video @Semaphore. We are going to have to try that!



I’m with YOU ! Bobbys woodshop is awesome ! I have a nice Wood shop but not as Roomy …

Mine is 12x20’ … So I have had to buy a pop-up canopy to put my wood lathe n miter saw under. I keep plastic tarps over these so in rain weather they don’t get wet n rusted ! Yip His I envy :smile::wink::+1:

Ta ta,


Ha ha I love it. It looks just as crowded as my husbands.


Really? Looks more like 6’ x 10’ - you need to persuade Vera to let you take over some of the house!! :smile:


I likely will paint them something random. The oops paint at Home Depot is okay with me.

I have yellow, brown, green, white, tan, waxed and tung-oiled boxes as it is. Too late to shoot for any uniformity now LOL


Oh, blue too. Forgot there’s a blue on out there.



Shisssssh ! Every once in awhile I use the kitchen n living room to assemble hives.

couple project taking over the living room n kitchen.

Ta ta,



one thing though if you do: I wouldn’t go for 3/4" joints- they are quite small and require more screws. I would look at the box joint pattern on the flow hoop pine hives (or similar hives) where the joints are 7/8" and the topmost joint is interlocking with the frame rest rebate… that pattern works very well for the screw holes: 6 screws for deeps and 4 for mediums and shallows, and is very neat- also less joints to cut:

It does however require more work setting up the blades for several different widths…


I skip the joints. Its easier to put the time into building a bad ass thick hive :slight_smile: