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Flow Hive 2 is awesome!


Hey there, just want to share that I received my new Flow Hive 2 setups last week to add to my apiary. So now I have 2 regular flow hives from last year, and 2 of the new ones. I love the new red cedar wood— it smells incredible. I used tung oil on the boxes and latex paint on the roof. The colour contrasts are spectacular. I also really like the new frame stand and tray system, and the brass finishes are a great improvement. Well done team flow hive.


Hi all,
Yes it is awesome… so impressed with the detail the was put into all the components. Thanks to the FF team.

But I have management problem… there seems to be a few bees that get into the area under the metal floor?? And I am finding I need to let them out every day or they die!!
Could it be that I have smaller bees, if so what should I do to fix the problem??
I am amazed at how much pollen they drop… could they be going down there to retrieve that?
If any one can help, that would be great.


Your Flow Hive 2 looks great! I really like the bright yellow roof :slight_smile:


AWESOME! I’m waiting shipment of mine! Whoot! I have a hive of bees all ready for my eagerly awaited Flow2. I love the extra window too. I can’t wait to see the honey in it and sun shine through it. Yours looks beautiful!


I suggest you open a new topic with your problem and also bring it to the attention of Faroe and she will bring it to the attention a Flow Hive.

Your thinking could be right, it may be that your queen’s genetics are that she is passing on to produce smaller bees.
Can you get another queen from elsewhere and terminate your present queen? If you allow the colony to make their own queen they will more than likely produce a queen of the same size.
Regards Sue


Peter thanks for that, will try and do.


Martha, I was most impressed with the standard of how it came all boxed… really well thought out and so easy to put together. The only thing I had trouble with was putting the roof together… square!
Use the top board as a template.


I’m going to the tool store and buying the clamp thingy that holds things square while I assemble it. I can use it for brood boxes too. I watched Fredrick Dunn assemble his and others as well and the tool will come in handy for other applications. I think all the roofs are troublesome because the one section when you open the tap and the angle of the roof. Thanks for the heads up!


Two clamps are always a good investment. Have you got a set square, for 90 deg angles. I loved the putting together of it… just thrill, a sense of achievement.
There are videos of Cedar putting the hive F.2. together. honeyflow.com/assembly
There is an video for each segment, the attention to detail, just wonderful.


It is great that bee keeping can give us skills and self confidence in bee keeping as well as so many other skills. Bee keeping is so rewarding in so many ways. :grinning:


That’s what I’m going to get. The brood boxes seem to go together easily though the roof is the most difficult. Did they notify you of shipment? I know I’m in the que for an October shipment and keep looking in my email for a notification. I’M SO EXCITED!


Hey @Martha, I had an October planned delivery too— I just kept checking my order and one day it said Shipped and had a tracking number. I wasn’t expecting it until late October so it was a fluke that I checked early October and it was on its way. I didn’t get any email notice- it was just pure luck I was watching the accounts page to see if my order changed. It arrived a day after the shipment date for me so I was super happy with that.


The best thing to do if there is an issue or fault with a Flow Hive is to email customer support rather than posting on the forum - info@honeyflow.com.
That way the issue can be fixed directly with a Flow customer support agent working specifically in manufacturing faults.


Martha, just take it slowly and read the instructions as you do the task… it is so well set out, you’ll be ok, don’t rush… savour the moment!!


Now the tung oil is set, I’ve put the new FH 2s out in the apiary even though I can’t move bees in until the spring. It was 44F this morning— very chilly! Is it wrong I’m already wishing it was spring?


Hehe, sure looks like it Tim :smile:

Well done on your paint/stain job, your hives look amazing!!


Why do you have black plastic wrapped around the other 2 hives?


We wrap our hives for the very cold winter months ahead- soon we will have several feet of snow !


Makes sense, the Flow Hives look great will you leave them outside over winter? if you are leaving them outside will you close up the entrance


Yes, you can see mouse guards on the entrance already- the inside is empty of all frames. I will put a closure on from the inside for winter.