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Use of inner covers with top feeder?

Newbie here, just installed my first nuc.
I am using a top feeder. Do I add an inner cover both under and above the feeder? That’s what I did yesterday, and now I am wondering if I did the right thing.
Searched the forums but couldn’t find an answer.

With the pictured feeder you don’t need a top or bottom cover. The bees will access the syrup by coming up through the inner channel and then over the wall to collect the syrup. You can then place the lid straight on top as they can’t get out of the feeder because of the mesh covering.

Having said that having covers either side may not be an issue as long as they can access the bottom of the feeder. You may want to watch as to whether they start to build comb on the under side of the feeder.

Well that’s my thoughts but others who have used them more extensively than me may have other thoughts.


Hi Harry,
Adam is correct, best not to use the inner cover at all whilst the feeder is in place. You should be able to place the roof directly on top of the feeder.

Thanks, Adam and Rodderick. I’ll remove both inner covers. Thoughts on time of day to do this? OK to do it first thing in the morning or should I wait until midday?

I appreciate the wisdom. Thanks again.

Depends on the temperature, I only take the lids off mid morning - midday - mid afternoon… preferrably when the sun is shining directly on the hive. They are the quietest at this time and most of the foragers are out. More importantly is warmth, bees can chill quickly… for you its a very simple task and shouldn’t take long.


Perfect. I wasn’t sure if this needed to be corrected ASAP. Mid-day it is. Thank you, Sir!

I would place the inner cover between the feeder and the hive. Without the inner cover I’ve had the bees draw comb in the space under the feeder and the queen wandered up and started laying in there. I couldn’t remove the feeder because the bees wouldn’t abandon the brood. Eventually the small hive beetles moved in and it was a total mess.

Thanks for the reply!