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Varroa Gate Does It Work?

Has anyone ever used the Varroa Gate to control the varroa mites? Here is a link
Varroa Gate

Please let me know your thoughts about this. Thank you so much!

Let me say that I have never tried one. However, I understand that they are only available in Europe, unless you have found a local supplier.

In the US, Apivar strips use a very similar concept, but they are placed in the brood box which is where mites breed.

Both of the above concepts use chemicals, which they call “acaricides”, but they are actually insecticides and in high enough doses, they are toxic to bees too. They have the potential to contaminate the hive, and should not be used when a super is on the hive. If you use this kind of product, your hive will not be “organic”. Perhaps not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

My preference is for Oxalic Acid vaporization, or Mite Away Quick Strips (Formic Acid) in cooler weather. Both are naturally-occurring organic acids and are very effective. MAQS can cause queen loss, especially in warmer weather, so you have to be careful and monitor hive health.