Varroa Mites - Apiguard - 1st Time - Help!

The varroa mite population in my hive in California has recently exploded. Three weeks ago my bottom tray had 2 or 3 mites, and now it seems to have hundreds. I want to treat the hive for mites asap using Apiguard, but I’ve never used it before.

I don’t have a Flow Super on my hive right now.
I have a medium non-flow super on my hive that I don’t plan to ever harvest from.
I’m in the middle of a heat wave around 100 degrees that will last several days.

I’ve heard that people typically treat their hives in Spring and Fall. Can I treat my hive in the middle of summer heat? Where exactly do I put the Apiguard disk? I was thinking beneath the medium super, but above the brood chamber… But should I put it above or below the queen excluder? Where is there the most space?

This is my first time encountering a large varroa mite issue. It has me very worried. Is immediate action crucial?

I’ve included a photo of a small section of the bottom tray - there is just as many mites in the other sections of it. Many of them are alive.

Thank you for any and all advice!


I have never used Apiguard, but there is no question that you need to treat ASAP. Do you have any local beekeeping advice? There are lots of clubs around LA


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@Dawn_SD Thank you for the speedy reply Dawn. Your advice was just what I needed to act quickly.

I put the Apiguard inside the hive. I put it on top of the queen excluder. The hive wasn’t open more than a minute or two, so I wouldn’t disturb the bees on such a hot 100 degree day.

I also cleaned the bottom tray, and will monitor it closely. I know I may have to repeat treatment.
How many varroa mites in the bottom tray is considered ‘normal’ every two weeks?

I do have a local beekeeper that has been very helpful with knowledge in the past. He’s where I got my current hive from. I can follow up with him for advice.