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Varying Super Size


In a conventional hive the super space is added to or reduced for many reasons eg help control hive temperature, control available food for bees, prevent overcrowding and the risk of swarming etc. do you have the same controls over super space in a flow hive?


Sure. I added a traditional medium super above my Flow super when I was worried that they may run out of space before capping the frames. No problems at all. The bees still preferred the Flow super which they had already waxed and started filling, but the extra space was available in case they wanted it. :wink:


Thanks Dawn, I assume you added the super below the flow super?


No, above it. I wanted them to continue working the Flow super, so I put it further away from the colony. :wink:


I did what Dawn did a few months ago. Put an ideal foundationless super above the flow box. I think it slowed down the flow frame filling a bit, but bearding and roof space building stopped. And it gave me beautiful honey comb.


Thanks Webclan, I wondered how it was possible to harvest honeycomb and other bee products using a flow hive system.