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Vertical running. What does this mean?

Hi all, been watching my bees a lot and was wondering if anyone can confirm what the following behaviour means: Busy entrance following several days of bad weather. One or two bees are returning from foraging and repeatedly walking (6-10 times) up the whole front of the hive before walking straight down (more quickly) again waving their rear ends up and down ( not side to side). It has an intensity a bit like a waggle dance but not to compact or quick. Is this pheromone signalling? Generally the foraging bees are flying off north north east and returning from the north. After doing this, the bees in question are heading right inside with the other foragers. Thank you!

Not sure about the 6-10 laps but sometimes the waving and gyrating I’ve seen seems to be the bees cleaning themselves off and maybe getting pollen that is stuck to their abdominal hairs off.

Never considered that! Cheers!

Field bees that collect nectar in their stomach fly back to the hive and then transfer to a younger bee near the entrance before flying out again. There could be some gyrations needed to get ready for that transfer. Just a thought. I know with water they can do some really weird dances after drinking. :slightly_smiling_face: