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Vespa crabro and other hornets - Best trap?


Hi from France,

I was a happy newbie beekeeper until autumn where I had to deal with the first few real challenges
The latest to date is the arrival of the hornets…

What is the best trap home made (got to be simple) or on the market. I found those this but the comments are limited :
(apologies for the single company advertising):



Have a look at Richard making them. There are two videos. He is experimenting with dabbing them with Fipronil too. They take it back to the nest to poison their nest mates.


He is in France by the way
Oh and you don’t need to trap other hornets. They do not do significant harm to your colonies and do a heck of a lot of good regarding pest control


The second video mentions the natural predators of the Asian Hornet.

What are the natural predators of the European wasp?


None that I know of. Why?


In this video he mentions the trap will keep out “other wasps”. Does that include European Wasps. I live in Orange NSW Australia. Last season we had these in plague proportions. Since the rain there have reduced significantly, but I don’t want to start becoming a beekeeper if I have an insurmountable challenge right from the beginning.