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Video of my Flow Hive


Continuing the discussion from New York Flow Keepers:

I received my Flow Hives on September 23rd and the flow boxes a couple of weeks later. I put 7 Flow Frames in one of my Langstroth boxes and placed it above the queen excluder. I only had the Flow Frames on the hive for two weeks, right before the weather got below 50. During these two weeks, the bees did visit the Flow Frames. The results were that:

  1. A couple hundred cells in 5 of the 7 Flow Frames were propolized.
  2. In these propolized cells the bees completed the cell with wax.

Can’t wait to use these next season.

This Saturday, November 21st, I will be bringing my Flow Hive and giving a presentation
entitled “Going with the Flow Hive” at the Rochester, New York Beekeepers Association.

Here is a link to the short video I took of my Flow Hive: