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Video: Transferring 1st colony into flow frame hive in France


Hello everyone,

We are situated in a rural area the middle of France and have just
acquired our first colony which we transferred into our home-made
beehive (based on Dadant) which accommodates 6 Flow Frames.

If you are interested, here is a short video about it. The video is in Dutch, with English youtube subtitles:



Can't find Queen, did find queen cells..what to do?

Thanks, Cowgirl, will do!


How did you manage the transfer from Dadant hive to langstroth//Flowframe… I am in France as well and struggling to find a way… Being a real beginner does not help;


Hi TD,

The Dadants that you can buy here in France indeed won’t fit flow frames. Our solution was to build the super / hausse ourself, based on the Dadant. The brood box / corpse we also built ourself, but this one is exactly like a Dadant you can buy in France.

Another option could be to check out e-bay / boncoin and see if you can buy a Langstroth-super second hand, and place that one on top of a Dadant brood box.

I hope that helps!

(Whereabouts are you at in France?)



Bonjour je suis en France aussi dans les Yvelines
Avez vous eu une récolte cette année ? Pour moi ce sera pour l année prochaine si tout va bien


I finally found a better solution creating a super of 6.5cm high between the base/entrance and the brood box. I will try to send pictures. Easy enough to make and will go back to langstroth frame as times goes by.;
Need to find a way to extend the frame of the dadant though as while they are fitting it is really a mission to put them in and out without the risk of missing the little 2/3mm holding them on each side…

So far all are happy with the setting…

I am in Maisons Laffitte, Yvelines


Bonjour moi je suis a Verneuil sur sur
Seine dans les Yvelines aussi …
Ce serais sympa de se renconrter a l occasion
non tel 0607743642


Hello folks, bit of a late reply (we are quite busy on our camping right now). It was looking very much as if we were going to be able to harvest from the flow frames, but: Bees are emptying flow frames, what to do?

So, I’m not sure what to do. We were not planning to leave the flow frames on the hive throughout the winter, so we will be harvesting whatever there is when getting ready for the winter.