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Dadant Hybrid Super



We ordered a full flowhive last year and we use Dadant hives in our small bee project. We had to get a Langstroth in order to get a colony prepared for the full flowhive. Unfortunatly, the queen died in october, we had to build a custom Dadant/Langstroth frame in order to build a new one. Our Full Flowhive is ok now but that’s not easy to work with both environement.

We decided to build a hybrid super where we can use flowframe on top of our Dadant 10 frames hive. During our test, we found the video on how rebuild a frame. It appeared that you just have to remove one part of the frame to get the length from Langstroth to Dadant. So we gave it a try.
A friend built custom metal cable to keep the frame reduced in place. We started from a Dadant 10 frames Broodbox, reduced its height to fit Langstroth. We modified 4 standard Dadant frames to fit Langstroth Height.

Here are some pictures of the result. Painting is coming tonight, we hope to put it next week in place.

[URL=https://someimage.com/I25mEpl][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/AUNnkz0][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/Q3hSysc][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/TU1gPGb][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/vPfso7M][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/39REFJD][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/I0f2wx8][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/WL14rVH][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/28iOPBG][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/KLl4hWk][/URL] [URL=https://someimage.com/jCzp2S5][/URL]


Thanks for the info and pics.
How did your modified Dadant Flow Super go?
Have you had any harvests?
Do you have any photos of your super on top of your dadant hive?


It worked very well.
We used a the main dadant with the flow super at the beginning of the year. We added a dadant super to give more space to the bees in May.
We got 2 harvest of 9kg from the flowhives and 15kg from the dadant super at the end of the season.

We built 2 more like that this summer, we will use it next year.


Thanks for that. P.S. Where are you located? It doesn’t say on your profile?


We are located in the south west of france.


You will find pictures of it in our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/emieleisti/