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Wax and forest honey



i realy want to know of what kind of material are the cells made. Is it a special kind of synthetic? I was asking a beekeeper, and he told me, to use any kind of plastic cant`t be the answer, specialy when he use the wax for candles.

Another question is, whats about frorest honey. The Beekeeper i know means, it is very sticky and you cant let it flow like in the video…

Thank you very much in advance for your answer, Commissioner!


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The honey is produced is different for every region, can you go and visit some beekeepers in your local area and see for yourself what kind of honey is produced? Also, remember that honey produced in spring will be different to honey in summer. Different flowering periods for different species of plants. If the honey candies in spring but runs in summer, then you can use traditional frames for spring then introduce Flow frames for summer. Hope this helps.