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Clean Flow Frame cap

I tried searching the forums but couldn’t find answers for this particular case. Please could you assist.
I have taken the super off for winter, there was a little honey in the frames which I have harvested. However the caps are still on the frames. Is there an easy way to clean these, or can I just leave them like this and put it back on the hive in spring.


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

You can leave them and the bees will clean them up next spring. I would freeze the frames for 24 hours before storing, to kill off any wax moth eggs (there will be some), then wrap the supers in hessian to keep wax moths out and store them away from light (like a garage). I would close the cells in the frames before storing though, so that if any honey crystallizes, it doesn’t jam the mechanism. :wink:


That’s brilliant. Thank you for your help.

Do wax moth’s not like hessian cloth?

They do not like hessian cause they can’t get through it.
I have used shade cloth. The real reason is to allow an airflow through the frames. If the Flow frames are not stored correctly you will get mould through them. Take it from me (who has had the experience) you don’t want mould. It is just so hard to get the frames clean again. There have been a few threads on this subject.


I think beekeepers spend too much time worrying about mould.

As @busso says, adult wax moths can’t get through hessian/burlap, but it allows airflow. That is why I use it.


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