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Way to go.........Horizontal Flow Hive


How did the hive do? Any updates? I am going to be making a long hive this winter for next year and like your design just want to know if youre happy with it or if you would change anything about it going forward.



Has anyone tried running their brood and flow frames lengthwise down the long hive. I would think the bees would like it better as it would be easier for them to move around the hive and you’d still get the benefit of not having to lift boxes. My only concern would be the bees finding the flow frames. See the top down view below. I figured I could build it by using existing 8 frame deeps bolted together end to end rather than trying to build from the ground up.


Is your plan to connect existing complete boxes with corresponding entrances or remove the ends to form one long hollow box?
Just reread your plan and you’ve already answered :roll_eyes:


In effect I would probably cut out the centers of the ends of the boxes, maybe 8x10 hole, so the bees could move between sections, or, leave a crawl thru space at the bottom kind of like the entrance to the hive though I think a bigger opening would be better.


An interesting thought and sure you get lots of members who run long hives having their input. I’m a ‘stacker’ but my thought would be to consider having the boxes side by side rather than lengthwise with the middle box having the entrance, my thinking is that way there would be a shorter distance for the bees to travel in the hive to the Flow Frames.
Cheers Randy.


the problem with cutting holes in the side of a box and pushing them up together is you’d end up with a gap from 1.5 to 2 inches inside those holes. That is very big in the world of bees and they would build comb in it. If you had frames running lengthwise the bees would attach frames from one box to frames from the next one.

There are also issues with a vertical queen excluder- it has to be designed so that it can be snug up against the frames on either side- if not the bees will build comb all over it- and bridging to adjacent frames. Bee space is a critical consideration when designing a hive.

My long hive is doing well- however this season it isn’t making any extra honey yet- none of the hives at that apiary have any honey in their supers- it’s been a very lean year so far. Lately conditions seem to have improved and I am still hoping for some late summer and autumn honey.