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Weak, falling bees?

Hello everyone! I am new to beekeeping (2 months). I have a question: today I went to put a new feeder pail onto my inner cover. The pail that was in there was empty (for about a day or two) and as usual, a clump of bees were on the screen of the pail. As I was putting the new feeder pail on I noticed a bunch of bees coming out of the hive onto the entrance board. About 60 of them. It was 7 PM and they were all home for the night. I thought it was a bit odd. Well, I put the new pail on and waited for the bees to fly off of the other pail. That’s when I noticed that they wouldn’t fly. They seemed very week and a lot of them would just slip and fall off the pail onto the ground. 1 just died right on the pail. The fallen ones on the ground were very weak. I pulled out the bottom board and there were 8 dead bees, one very very weak one that couldn’t climb off the side of the board. There were also what appeared to be black bee eggs (I’m guessing. They were about the same size and dark brown/black). I don’t know if something is going on. Any suggestions?

Have a look in the brood box and tell us what you see

Probably wax moth poo. Sign of a weak hive, I am afraid. As @Dee says, you need to look in the brood box. If the dead bees have their tongues sticking out, it may be pesticide poisoning. Otherwise it could be toxic nectar or some form of disease in the hive. We need more information and photos to really help you. :wink: