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Weird errors loading messages?


I haven’t changed browsers or anything so I’m not sure but I don’t think it’s me. When I click a link to a post it gives me an error page with a “try again” button, but even before I can click that button the page reloads and the message appears. Is this something on the forums side or mine?


press F5 to refresh the page


It is definitely doing something weird. When I click a topic it loads the topic like a half dozen times and while it is doing that I can’t click on the reply button, I have to wait about 45-60 seconds for it to finish looping through the loading. My browser is loading every other site I am visiting fine, it is only on here that I’m having issues. Is anyone else experiencing this?


have you tried complete reboot of your computer? How long since you did a disk clean up defrag and cleaned all the cookies?


I did a full reinstall on firefox and that seems to have fixed it. I don’t know why it was having a fit but something got reset in the re-installation that it likes better.


Computers do that from time to time - I did my degree in Application Software and you have to keep going down the line until you find the problem - Glad it worked


How long since you did basic what I call “Computer Housework”? sometimes people neglect their computers and don’t do disk clean-ups and defragment’s and it can play havoc if you get an updates and it all all go Toes Up.
reminds me of an old joke:

What do you call one of these?


A dead one of these!

It’s supposed to be a spider


Lol, it hasn’t been that long, but maybe still too long. I’ll set it up to defrag tonight


Or get a Mac? Twenty times.


Yeah but then I would have to get two part time jobs to afford it or trade my first born…


No, not twenty Macs…I just keep getting told to make my posts at least twenty characters.
I was in a Mac shop yesterday on a rare foray from the “sticks” and husband had to drag me away…toys toys :smile:


Dee I usually put a load of dots - it works