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Possible upgrade bug?

(Nevermind! It must have been something on my end— it might have been caching, but all is well!)

The menu works for me. Try again?

Now it’s working! How weird! Must be gremlins or something!

Hi Claire, I think the gremlins frightened everybody away. If you remove my last showing-off post, there would have been nothing for over 24 hours. That’s the least amount of activity I’ve seen in over 6 years of being on the forum.


PS, On the subject of Meta, it would be good if @Bianca could do something so that we can edit our posts over a longer period of time because I spotted a spelling mistake I made which I’d like to correct. The spelling mistake altered the context of what I was trying to say.

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Sometimes strange things happen after upgrades. I think my problem was that the browser cache needed to be cleared. One difference I’ve noticed since the upgrade is that “New” isn’t listed at the top as before — I was in the habit of reading new posts, and then the latest posts. And of course, I always like to read your “showing off” posts! Sometimes I even pass them along to my kids – I have a son who’s also a fisherman and a cook. Your videos with Wilma are great fun!

I’m reading Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Sheeley. It’s about how bees make decisions about when to swarm and where to live. I was also reading your posts about the steps you take to avoid swarming. That’s of real interest to me because I can have only two hives and I want to have a plan in place before it happens.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t yet moved my bees into their Flow Hive, so I don’t have much to contribute except to show off my garden… :sunflower:

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Hi & many thank Claire. I should pass on my latest fish cooking strategy. I always scale my fish, so therefore my fillets are skin on. I recently discovered a fish weight for cooking fish. I don’t aim do get crispy skin because I think a lot of goodness could get cooked out of the skin during the process, as well as drying the fish out. However I use a piece of untreated wood as a fish weight to hold the fillet down which cooks the fish evenly, preventing the fillet from curling. Once that side is cooked the other side only needs another one to two minutes to finish cooking. I salt the fillet before coating it in flour which is seasoned with Italian herbs as well as Moroccan seasoning, then I pat it between both hands to remove any loose flour before cooking it.

PS. I love to see your garden, as well as @Wizard 's.


When can I come over @JeffH and Wilma? Oh wait, we have a pandemic on… Oh well, I can dream!


Hi Dawn, oh yes the pandemic. We start another 4 days of a lock down in an hours time. I’m not particularly worried. I’d love for you to come to sample some of my cooking. You can pick Claire & @Eva up on your way :slight_smile:


That sounds wonderful!! I’m a half-decent fisherwoman and will gladly help you catch our dinner :rowing_man::fish::tropical_fish:


I can just visualize @Eva and Wilma having fun catching all the fish, while Jeff is assigned cleaning and refrigeration duties! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hi Dawn, you’ll have to ask Wilma how many fish she caught last time. She caught one & had to watch it float away. It was one of these.
A Black Tip Football Cod which rarely reach the legal length of 38cm. The ones we catch are around 25-30cm. She wasn’t happy about having to throw it back. There’s another species of cod, a Honeycomb Cod.
They only grow to a maximum of 32cm. Their legal length is also 38cm. Ridiculous, because they are both beautiful eating fish.

Wilma said before coming home “all I’ve been doing is feeding the fish”, which wasn’t so bad because I didn’t come home until the bait ran out :slight_smile: