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Well I was Christened today


Got my first Bee sting in 45 odd years! Was at the club must have had a bee under my arm and squashed it so she bite me in return


OH oh oH Oh oWWie OwWiEEee!

Man that stings just reading about it!


Congratulations Valli, well done, I guess you can’t wait till you have a mob of angry bees chasing you all around the yard:):). Very similar to what you see in the cartoons.


Hope your body didn’t react adversely to the sting. I found my first bee sting even affected my reasoning, caused some disorientation. I have built up a bit of tolerance to a bee sting but the best approach if stung is get the stinger out as quickly as you can, which I apologies is obvious now, as I type this.
Love Bees, theOZer


@theOZer the stinger was on the bees suit, so I just brushed it off. It was less painful than a mossie bite.

I still wear the scar for my first bee sting from when I was about 8 or 9 smack in the middle of my chest. I did feel a bit dizzy but not much else.


Sorry to hear about your first sting. They do hurt a bit…the worst for me were stings to the head. When a bee gets caught in your hair. Apart from that…if I get a sting to the hands…it’s just an initial sharp needle pain…then it goes away…hardly any reaction anymore! Do you know yet when you Flow Hive will arrive?


@Horsehillhoney Hopefully this month the first Flow will arrive and the second in December.

Need my bee suit at the moment - the club don’t lend them out due to hygiene reasons.

… And some bees would be good as well LOL

I was bitten at the club night - I must have put my arm down on a bee on the suit just under my arm. It is red and there, I have fibromyalgia so pain takes time to go away. It is no worse than a mozzie bite


I find it is the itching that is the worst!..I fill a hot water bottle and put that on…it kills the pain and itch for ages. Feels hot where the sting is though!


Ok me too :wink:
Went to help someone with their bees today and got two stings, one in my finger because I wasn’t carefull and must have squashed the poor girl and the other towards the end of the inspections when they got a little huffy and one found a bare wrist.
The one in my finger tip still hurts a bit but the other is almost gone just a little red and that’s it.

So now that I have that out of the way I can get some bees :smile:


@Sabine I’m collecting my first bees today!!!


Exiting, good luck and keep us posted


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regarding your bee sting - are you familiar with the plant called Plantain? It is very hearty and grows profusely in Ontario, Canada. I’ll put a link on so you can see what it looks like and perhaps look into it more. It’s a pretty versatile and helpful plant. It is fabulous for removing the painful sting of bees and hornets, etc. Take a leaf and chew it. Place the wad of chewed material on the wound. It should take effect quickly.


The worst is the end of your nose (through the face plate of the suit) when leaning down - certainly brings tears to the eyes. I now wear a peaked cap under the suit to stop the faceplate from touching my nose… (lessons learnt the hard way…)


@Andrewe - yes I found out about the peaked cap trick I need to get one. I keep pulling the veil off my face.


A remedy I use when I get a chance is to rub honey on the stung area, that was told to me by an old beekeeper, it seems to work. Most of my stings are through the bee suit, so they’re not in for long. Would you believe they can sting you through those leather beekeeping gloves you can buy?