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Bee stuuung me!


Well, it finally happened. One of my.bees stung me right in the neck. I deserved it, too much bee watching at close range.


Aww, sorry. :cry:

Ice is good - wrap in a towel and hold on the sting for 10-20 mins up to 3 times per day. I also need antihistamines, as stings always itch like crazy for me after the first day or two. Loratadine (Claritin) if I need to drive, and Benadryl if I need to sleep. Tylenol and toothpaste both help with the pain.

Take care! :blush:


Play with bees you will get stung :sunglasses: A bit of ice should fix it.



Well, don’t need ice, lol just getting to know my bees.


The ice is for the whiskey, not the sting lol


I apply Young Living Essentil Oil and prefer Lavender stops itch, swelling and everything within 1-2 drop application. Love my bees and love my oils.


Put a dab of honey on it.


Remove stinger, apply heat with BiteAway gizmo, wash area with soap, apply ice, apply honey, apply bicarbonate, eat antihistamines!

Well- that’s what I did when I got a sting on my eyelid… saved me from having an eye swollen shut the next day


I like Colgate paste best ! :wink::smile::+1::exclamation:️


I’ve heard that bee stings can actually help people with arthritis. That’s pretty cool.



Chris, hmmm ! Maybe that’s why I don’t have artritis yet ! I’m always screwing up n getting hit/stung once or twice (maybe more) in a good week !

Ta Ta,


I got stung 3 times just minutes ago. Newbie mistake thinking they would recognize me by now when I lifted the lid to say hello. Should have put gear on and used smoke. In bathroom looking for a tiny tooth brush for the tooth paste, I don’t think tooth decay was why they stung me, but I’ll try to brush their teeth if that’s what it’s going to take.


Great joke, thanks for the laugh! :smile:


hahaha :rofl:

They’re grumpy cos they’re not getting their teeth brushed :joy:


Yes I got stung in the neck the other day as well. Normally, I can sit 4 ft away with my little grand daughter and watch the bees come and go and they just ignore us. Even lift the lid and take and peek and no problem. Not this time! I peeked around the corner to look at the front and they started coming at me. and the 3 rd one got me. I think it was just a very hot day and they were grumpy. They were just doing the job guarding the hive!!


I agree. My “go to” is also toothpaste! Can’t figure out why it works, but it does for me. No itching in the middle of the night!


Only ONE…geeze I had SIX in one day with some cranky bees I have. My bad; I didn’t fully secure my veil. But, I also didn’t expect them to be this mean. But, I had virtually no negative reaction to the stings, which were all on my face and neck. So, my question is whether or not one builds up a resistance to bee venom over time such that stings don’t affect you as much…sort of like getting immunizations against flu, etc.


I use natural/non-toxic toothpaste. Which type do you use? I wonder if it’s something specific in the toothpase…?


Remove the stinger then cut a clove of garlic and wipe it on the sting. The sting and swelling will subside immediately.


Whatever I happen to have on hand…Colgate, Aqua Fresh, Arm and Hammer
(which has peroxide and baking soda).