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What feeder are you using with your flow hive? Please share if you have photo's


I would use a pic, but it seems silly – I use a 1 gallon bucket feeder… got mine from Brushy Mountain, but you can easily build your own.


I made floats for my bee/chicken feeders. I used 3/16" plywood and the holes are large enough for the bees to get to the bottom because they want every last drop. This is my no leak and no drown method. The red plastic feeder is my favorite and here is my feeder float pattern: outer circle roughly 5 5/16", inner circle roughly 3 1/16", holes 13/64" drill bit. I recommend having two sets of feeders and floats. One set on the hive and a clean set ready to go on the hive.


We used sugar water when we first transferred our nucs into the hives, but only for a few days. It seemed to cause a frenzy. Now we just keep a fresh water supply in between both hives and it is working well. We bought a chicken feeder and we lined the outside with rocks and sticks for the bees to perch on if needed.


Hi there! I’ve been researching for feeding options and I came across your comment about having built one. Would you mind sharing what you did and how it worked? Thanks so much!!