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Feeder question?


I am planning to use a jar feeder that I will make myself. My question is does the cap of the jar need to fit snug into the hole on the top board or is covering it enough?


You can just put the jar over the top of the hole, no need to fit it exactly. Make sure that any holes you make are pretty small. I saw one person making 1.5mm holes, I would suggest less than 1mm would be better - less chance of leakage.


Thanks for the quick reply and adviced! I’ll be using a small nail to barely punch through. Would you suggest I punch them in towards the jar or out towards the hive?


I don’t think it really matters, but i like to do it in towards the jar cavity. Less chance for me to shred myself on the lid that way :wink:


Look at the baggie feeder method. They’re pretty bullet proof when it comes to drowning issues, and couldn’t be cheaper to make.


Hmmm, how big is your baggies ! Quart, Gallon or another !? Just curious at the moment ! Might try it on a hive in the Fall or if I am lucky enough to score a SWARM !

Always learning new n better ideas,


@Gerald_Nickel The beauty of this method is that you can use any size bag you want. It all depends on how much syrup you want to feed at any given time. Quarts or Gallons work just fine. I have a quart baggie in my hive right now.


If ya do this or anyone one else I’d enjoy seeing some pix’s n close-up as well ! Even video ! :+1:


I am sitting by the hive as I reply. Here’s some of my busy bees, and my quart baggie feeder in action.