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What Have I Here?


I have found these black lumps in the tray the past few days. I was terrified they were mice droppings but there is no other evidence of rodents. Then thought they could be wax moth droppings but they seem to be way too big for that. They have some shapes which make them look like blackened larvae, and seem to only be falling from one frame. Any advice much appreciated.


Chalkbrood mummies, use search icon to find a lot of threads on this problem and the solutions.


Thanks very much. Appreciated.



Your brood get chilled ?! Something caused that brood to chauk … have you checked your brood upstairs … and everything okay there ?

Clean off the slider n check again in a day or so …



Hi, can someone please help identify what I am finding on the bottom board? My concern is the brown bits. Thanks.


They look like parts of dead bees to me.


Thanks Dan, I thought that it was the case. What you find on the bottom board is not always a pest.