What is the best way to clean and sanitize a bottom tray

What is the best way to clean/ sanitize a bottom board tray? I opened it today and I have perhaps not been keeping it as clean as I should. There were several dead SHB, some maggots/ worms and eggs. Nothing is concerning in my hive… I have some SHB up there in the corners, but very minimal and I have traps…however I did see some eggs in the board and want to give it a THOROUGH cleaning… I have cleaned with soap and a scrub brush, and when I place it back, I will put some diatomaceous earth in there… unless oil is better?
But, is there anything better that I should do for cleaning the boards? should I freeze overnight to kill any eggs? (I am in NE Ohio, and it’s in the 50s at night right now, so perhaps I do not want my hive to be without a board…)
I would also like an effective way to clean inside the venting holes of the wooden cover that goes over the base board (with the level in it)…I see some eggs in there too.
I have attached some pictures of my embarrassing bottom board, so that you can see what I am dealing with (this was PRE-cleaning)
Any advice is appreciated.

I use dawn, a scrub brush, and the hose.

I’ve seen much worse… :joy:

I put oil in my tray but I think the diatomaceous earth is just fine.

I use a toothpick to get between the gaps in the venting cover. A lollipop stick might fit in there too.