What on earth? Black mess in lower tray!

We inspected our hive yesterday and discovered the tray to be this pictured mess

This was not the case only a month ago. Any advice on what has happened here?

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It is really hard to tell what that mess is, but I have a few questions which might help us work it out with you.

  1. When did you last clean the tray? It should be done every week or two. Just a quick rise with water to get rid of wax, hive beetles, wax moths and other hive debris. The bees can’t reach it, so it is up to us humans to clean it out
  2. What does the hive look like inside on inspection? Healthy? Lots of beetles? Good brood pattern?
  3. How did it smell? Normal hive smell? Fermented? Evil rotting smell?

If you can do an inspection and post some photos of that here, I think that we can give you a better idea of what is happening. :wink:

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I agree with @Dawn_SD Definitely do a brood inspection, & let us know what you find.

By clicking on the image twice, and getting a closer look, I think I can see some brood larvae. Also what looks like a lot of wax moth activity on the darkest end.

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