What’s going on here?

Is this bearding? It’s been really hot. We put the nuc in 2 weeks ago.


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Yes, likely bearding, but you should not have the queen excluder on the hive at this point. Also, if the Flow super has the plastic Flow frames in there, they should not be in the hive yet…

Also your brood box looks to be on backwards, as is your Flow super - you want the harvest side to be on the opposite side to the bee entrance



Oh my goodness! Thank you for all that information.


Hey Maria that red cedar looks great in the sun :sun_with_face:

You need to give the nuc time to expand and the colony to grow strong. Your not the first and wont be the last to set up your hive fully with a nuc.

As Dawn said you don’t need your flow super on just now. When your brood box (the bottom one) is full of bees, all the frames are fully drawn then that’s when it’s a good time to add your honey super or just before that stage.

Take the super off, remove the queen excluder and put your crown board in its place, if you have a feeder add it with syrup to help the small colony draw comb and gives them resources.

Remove your flow frames from your super box, any bees shake them or brush them off. Then put your super box onto of your crown board so it acts as as a cover over your feeder (if you have one) then pop the roof on and check the syrup every couple of days and top up.

I feed new nucs until all the empty frames are almost fully drawn but keeping an eye on the frames that they have room for the queen to lay.

If your not sure when to add boxes or anything else keep posting and searching through the archive.

Flows YouTube channel is priceless for good information to help you on this fun journey. From setting up, adding a nuc, feeding, feeders, adding your super, pest management, harvesting…

Welcome to beekeeping :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


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