What’s wrong with this FLOW FRAME


I noticed bees in the honey outlet on one of my flow frames, then saw it’s all out of alignment. Is this usual? Only puT the super on a week ago for the first time?

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You will need to reset the frame, remove it and open the frame up and reset the parts. seems like one of the slot came out in transit.

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Agreed - probably the wire tension was low and it allowed enough play between segments that it came out of its slot. Make sure you check the wire tension on the other frames too while you have it out.

If the plastic piece is bent, I’m sure that flow would help you out.

Take some before-during-after pictures and send them to info@honeyflow.com if you have issues.

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I agree with the other comments in this thread. I would also like to support the suggestion that you e-mail your question and photo to info@honeyflow.com. The customer support team are very good at helping you work out how to solve your problem. Make sure that you check your Spam/Junk folders for a reply, as some e-mail apps seem to think that Flow are spammers, even when they are not!


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Thanks for the responses.
I removed the frame and had a crash course of how these things fall apart into 100 pieces when you remove the wires.
Anyway I tried bending the bent piece back into shape and it seenms to be better, I’ll check it tomorrow and see how it’s stayed together. I used the key and it seems operational, pity about the jar of honey I wasted in doing this. I did get to taste it though and it was amazing.
Biggest problem I had was replacing the top wire. To get it over the top it can’t be that tight as it has to go over the top pieces of plastic and then it’s lose when it’s in position. I ended up putting a nail in the wire when it was in position and winding it tight. Seems to be ok as low as the nail sits close to the frame. Must be a better way to located and tighten the top wire?
Thanks for helping out.

Yep there is a easy way I just found it. I’ll have another look tomorrow and try to get it right.

This is similar to your nail method. Not sure if the way you found is better.

Also, there are videos on flow’s website for some of these maintenance procedures…

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I twist the wire to make it shorter to the length I want then put it back on. but the Wire I always find it most challenging as I have few times ended up with it opening up again. I figured out using a rubber band to keep in place while putting the wire.