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What's going on?


So what’s going on?

Today I removed the super that still had 4 full and 3 harvested frames to do an inspection of the brood box and see this. That took a bit of doing as it was well waxed together.
So what’s with the wax combs above the queen excluder with honey?
We’re at the tail end of Autumn with 3 months of Winter about to start, and nights getting down to 7C.
I never got any further than that, as I was a bit apprehensive plus the bees were getting angry. The weather was starting to turn cooler and windy as well. Wanting to place the super back on, tried my hardest to smoke, brush, and remove the bees, to allow minimal fatalitys.
Well, that didn’t go well.
A few, (more than 5, less than 30) got crushed making the bees well angry the rest of the day. So much so, that when I got within 15m one time, I got stung for minding my own business.
I’m assuming with the high number of bees things are going well?


Mine do that when they think they are running short of space. Have they removed the cappings from the harvested frames? If not, you might want to lift them with a hive tool from some of the frame face, so that they get the message that space is available.

Sorry you got stung. Bees getting more defensive as you move into winter is a normal thing. :cold_sweat:


Looks like you have had a honey flow, this is normal. I find this regularly between supers and in the lid, you can choose to leave as-is or scrape off. Chances are they’ll rebuild it again.