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No bees in the super


Hi, my frames are full and there’s heaps of bees but they are not migrating up to the super. There was wax on the queen excluder but nothing happening upstairs. Does anyone have a suggestion about what’s going on?


You may need to put wax on it:



Thank you. I guess I’m getting impatient but as winter is near I guess I won’t be able to rob the hive anyway. Cheers Viki


Wrong time of year to put on a super. Generally, the bees reduce their population in autumn and will ignore a super. Leave the super off and let them set up for winter.



I have been told to melt max and paint on the spray with sugar water. Painted wax yesterday but what is the ratio for sugar water 1 for 1?


Yes. Close is good enough. I do it by weight, but you can do it by volume too. Doesn’t really matter. Just don’t boil the mixture, as that can generate chemical which are toxic to bees.