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Whats going on?


Whats going on??

2pm and about 32C.
This is half of a split I did and only the brood box is full. They’ve just started working on the super.
The yellow one is the other half of the split and am considering joining these two.

The one on the end is full in both brood and flow hive.


Looks like bearding from the heat


I’d think so too but they all seem to be in the sun as opposed to the shade??


I would say half and half - some in sun, some in shade. However, I think from the bee point of view, the hive just doesn’t want them all inside when it is hot weather. Their muscle movements create more heat, and the hive is already working hard to ventilate it out. So your colony sends a message to bees to go outside, and after that, it is up to them where they hang out. :wink: Once it cools down, Nasanov pheromones direct them back into the hive.

I have to say that since I started using slatted racks (salted rats for @skeggley :smile:), I haven’t had any bearding. But then we only had about 10 days above 32C last summer.


consider putting an additional roof on the top of the hive with an air gap for an insulative effect. The roof can get really hot and this will be transferred inside the hive.


Hey R

Have actually considered putting a extra roof on to protect from both heat and rain.



I would strongly recommend that you give those lids a couple of good coats of white paint. I recently did a comparison between painted gal. lids & unpainted gal. lids. I found that the difference was 20 degrees on an 80 degF. day. That was at 11.00am.

Anything we can do to help the bees maintain a constant temp. inside the hive can only be a good thing.

You don’t need a thermometer to tell you how hot the unpainted gal lids get. Just feel with your hands in the middle of a hot day.