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Whats the difference between the FLOW HIVE and the FLOW SUPER?

whats the difference between the Flow Hive and the Flow Super?? if i buy a flow super, would i be able produce honey? and whats the box under the Flow Hive?!!

The Flow Hive Or Full Flow Hive is a complete bee Hive without bees - 2 deep boxes one for brood and the other the Flow box

The Flow Super is the Flow box which is the same sizes as the Deep/Brood box but for the Flow Frames. Flow Hive Frames are deeper than the normal Shallower Medium Super’s and wider than the normal frames.

It’s all explained here


You need a brood box at the bottom - this is where the queen lays her eggs and the babies are born. You need this bottom box (brood box), or there is nowhere for the bees to make more bees :smile:the top box is called the super. The difference in a flow hive or flow super is that there are flow frames in the top super, not regular frames.
There should be no eggs, babies, queen, etc, in this top super box - in the complete flow hive we sell, it includes a queen excluder so you can’t have the queen going up into the top part to lay eggs in the flow frames.
If you buy only a flow super - you will need to buy all the other parts - brood box, roof, etc.
If you buy the complete flow hive from us you will have everything you need to get started minus the bees, and the bee suit.
The Flow™ Hive Classic (formerly Complete Full Flow™ Hive) is ready to go (except for the bees!).


Flow™ Super (Western Red Cedar)
Brood box (Western Red Cedar) with 8 x standard frames
6 x Flow™ Frames
6 x Flow™ Tubes
1 x Flow™ Key
Inner cover
Queen excluder
Printed Flow™ manual
Does not include:


Shipped flat-packed, ready for easy assembly with assembly manual.

The Flow™ Super sizing options are:

Flow™ Super - Hybrid 3 Frame fits a 8 frame sized Langstroth box
Flow™ Super - Hybrid 4 Frame fits a 10 frame sized Langstroth box
Flow™ Super - Classic Cedar 6 Frame fits a 8 frame sized Langstroth box
Flow™ Super - Classic Cedar 7 Frame fits a 10 frame sized Langstroth box
For UK National box sizes please read this FAQ

Flow™ Super box (western red cedar)
3, 4, 6 or 7 x Flow™ Frames
3, 4, 6 or 7 x Flow™ Tubes
1 x Flow™ Key
Does not include bees.

The Flow™ Super comes to you flat-packed, and ready for easy assembly.
Each frame comes with its own Flow™ Tube for harvesting honey with.

Here’s a link to what’s in a bee hive -http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-parts-of-a-beehive.html

A good place to start reading about what you need for bee keeping is here on our forum http://forum.honeyflow.com/c/beekeeping-basics
Beekeeping Basic Essentials - What do you need?

I’m sure this guy is pulling your leg?

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I have a lot of questions like this in customer support at Flow.
It is just that some people don’t realize what is necessary to keep bees and produce honey.
A lot of people think the flow super is a “small” bee hive and the complete flow hive is a “big” hive.
It’s a about education, that’s all, that’s why we have this forum, for everyone to ask questions- big or small.