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When do I add the flow super?


I am a new bee keeper. I purchased two flow hives and today is day seven with my packaged bees. When do I need to add my flow frames to my brood box?


Hi Jodi, There is quite a lot of discussion on this topic, I would suggest you do a search on the forum for “adding Flow”.
I offered some advice this just a few minutes ago on this very topic.


When all your frames are drawn and 80% covered in brood you need more space. You need to find out whether beekeepers in your area run two brood boxes. If they do then add another brood box. When both have your 80% brood then add your flow box. If one box is common then you can add the flow earlier. It will be some time yet.


I tried to stick with the 80% Brood before adding Flow Super strategy.

The thing is my bees were also storing 2 full frames of Capped honey and of course the Stores around the top and sides of other frames. So really my colony is not yet up to full strength numbers wise. Yet I was concerned they would run out of space for the queen to lay. So I removed one of the Frames of Capped honey and put in an empty Frame with starter. This will give them more space for brood to try and reach the 80% ratio.
If you are in an area with cool nights I would be careful of adding the flow frames too soon as in my case they were collecting a bit condensation with the bees not on them and that could lead to mold forming.
I also put syrup above the flow frames and a bit of comb honey of their own above the flow frames to draw them up. They were not really interested. This is just my particular experience you may have different results.


Be careful about pulling frames of honey from the brood box. Your bees will need that honey to make it through the winter. If you’re worried about your queen running out of brood space, add another brood box.