Hive Configuration

I have standard Flow Hive set up with a deep brood box and Flow Super on top. I want to add another Medium brood box. Should I add it near the end of this season or wait until next spring to make the addition? Was wondering it the extra space would help thru the winter. I live in eastern North Carolina, so we have cold but not severe. Thanks for your help

Adding a medium is a great idea if your colony is strong enough and there’s still abundant nectar out there. This late in the season there might not be. Think of it like any super and ask what your local beeks are doing - if they’re inclined to add supers at this point then it’s prob ok. I put mediums on top of my Flow supers once they start filling, which helps boost airflow for nectar curing in the humid weather here in SE PA. Then in fall when it’s time to remove the Fsuper the medium goes on top of the deep for overwintering.

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Thanks so much. I haven’t thought of placing above the super… good idea.