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When to add a reducer


Hey y’all,

New Beek here, and I just installed my very first 4 frame nuc into my flow hive. I am located in Houston Texas, and am wondering what are the reasons that I would add a reducer to the opening of my hive (other than robbing). And should I add a reducer for a period of time after I have added my nuc? they seem to be doing well, I put them in on Friday and 4 days later, there seems to be good activity around the hive… I just don’t want to make a rookie mistake right out the gate.
Also, how do I add syrup to the feeder?

Thank you!



What part of Houston are you in? Near Kemah, here…


Chao Chris,

I’m from up here in Washington State. But bees are bees… From your pix’s it looks like your bees are off to a great start.

As for the entrance reducer. Here are some of my varied reducers. My actual Flow-hive is in its second season, very healthy n lots of inhabitance (defense). I don’t currently need a entrance reducer. But my four new Nuc’s I have varied styles but still don’t see evidence of Robbing … It’s a bit chilly – rainy Spring up here n we have a lot of bloom so guessing not much push for the “Robbing-Factor”. I’d check with several local beekeeper … So you have some real local knowledge of weather the region is in a nectar dearth or flower festive celebration with plenty to dine on !!

Now, how to refill that internal frame feeder. I don’t use them because they are too small n need refilled every few days n i don’t like interrupting the new colony that much. I’m not family with that style. Maybe Dawn or other U.S. Beekeepers have input n/or experience with the frame type feeder.
I personal use either purchased top-Feeder ( See photo)

And here is an example of double jar quart jar feeder that’s also easy to check n refill without disrupting your “girls”.

Good luck n happy beekeeping,


Great pics @Gerald_Nickel !Thanks for the great info as well!


Hey @MichaelD. I am over in memorial.


I think I would reduce the entrance to at least half or even a third until the population builds. You’re worried about making a rookie mistake. I’m constantly making mistakes after nearly 30 years.

Mistakes are good, it’s the best way we learn.


Even my big hive only have a half entrance all the time. I like a busy entrance but not clogged. Gives the guard bees a good chance with robbers and beetles. In winter mine go down to a quarter entrance.



Awesome! thank you @JeffH and @Rmcpb!