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When to start 1st hive


Looking to start beekeeping. One question I have, should I start my hive now or wait till this coming spring. I’m in the SE part of NC USA.


I would only start at this time of year if you are taking over an established hive, for example if somebody is giving up beekeeping. However, for a beginner, this is probably one of the tougher times of year, as you need to monitor for varroa, nosema etc carefully going into Fall and Winter. You may also need to feed, depending on how the hive has done in the rest of the year.

I don’t think any reputable beekeepers would sell you a nucleus or a package at this time of year. However, you may want to get your name on a waiting list for next year. My local supplier will likely sell out for March delivery sometime in October, so it is good to investigate and get your name down.

Let us now what you decide, and please ask any other questions you may have. :blush:


How soon would you normally try to get your order in for a nuc?


I would join a local bee club and ask who in the club has a good reputation for nuclei. Then I would contact that person and ask when I could get my name on the list. The advantage is that you get local bees, and you have a reliable contact. :wink: You could even try now, it isn’t too early to ask.


Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated